Finding innovation, using lean integration improves patient experience

Virginia Mason Medical Center Blog

Implementing learnings from conferences, literature key to improvement

The process of identifying innovative ways of improving the patient experience, then using lean methods to integrate those findings into our daily work is an important part of Virginia Mason’s vision of being a learning organization.

In health care, complacency too often stalls progress. Organizations focused within their own silos remain clueless about innovations elsewhere that could improve the quality and safety of care. Unfortunately, this sort of complacency is far from uncommon.

In contrast, providers that consider themselves learning organizations continuously search outside their own walls for ideas that can improve care for patients. In the complex, often turbulent world of health care, an insatiable sense of curiosity is no longer optional – it is essential. 

This installment takes a closer look at Virginia Mason team members who have taken innovative approaches learned outside the organization and integrated those learnings as…

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