The Power of Empathy and Emotional Intelligence for the Patient Experience

Increasing research and evidence point not only to the benefits of empathy for patients but to the providers who feel empathy and make a meaningful emotional connection with their patients. Colette Herrick writes an incredible article on the power of empathy and the importance of “Emotional Intelligence in Health Care Relationships.” I am grateful to have come across this piece through Carolyn Thomas’ blog “Heart Sisters.”

Heart Sisters

I’m so pleased to share, with her kind permission, this guest post written by Colette Herrick, originally published on the Six Seconds website. I especially love her example of how a new puppy taught her twin grandchildren a powerful lesson in compassion.

“While medicine continues to advance, receiving health care as a patient is fundamentally a human process.

At the center of effective care delivery is a connection between the health care provider and patient. Yet in the last 25 years, many pressures have eroded the quality of this human-to-human healing connection. The good news is that in spite of all the external and very real pressures on the patient-provider relationship, research reveals something many of us have known: health care providers can learn fairly simple skills that make a large difference. 

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