When Technology is Humanizing: Reprise

Experience Innovation Network

Through many years of working with healthcare companies on technology and service decision making, I routinely run into an either/or mentality around technology and human interaction.  A transaction is either automated or assisted.  An interaction is either technical (i.e. cold, inhuman) or connected (i.e. touchy-feely).  This belief is hugely limiting – human connection can greatly extend the impact of a technology-based solution, and technology can be a powerful tool to mitigate the limitations of human interaction.

Let me be clear – technology can’t replace the warmth of a human touch or the reassuring empathy of a kind voice.  But human-to-human interactions have limitations – of time, space, duration, and even perceived connection – that technology can help offset.  Here are a few of my favorite examples:

Tech to remove limits of distance.  My best friend lives in Paris.  When we Skype it’s not quite as good as being there…

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