Mindfulness Building Resilience and Improving Care in Modern Medicine

UCSD Center for Mindfulness

We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.  – Confucius

By Michael Krasner, MD, FACP

mindfulpracticeAfter 6 years of sharing Mindful Practice in intensive retreat trainings with over 400 physicians, medical educators and other health professionals from all over the globe, Ron Epstein and I began to ask ourselves- why wait for our colleagues to come to us? If the need for building resilience among our colleagues is pressing, and the tools for helping improve quality of care, quality of caring, and our own well-being are effective, relevant and accessible, why delay offering this training to more professionals? So we have decided to take Mindful Practice trainings into regional settings, offering it in a new, multi-modal, and engaging way. We already have two trainings scheduled for San Diego and Boston this winter. We will soon announce a workshop next fall in the Pacific…

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Reprise: Engaging Physicians to Lead the Patient Experience

Experience Innovation Network

troy1 In a recent webinar hosted by the Experience Innovation Network, network members had the opportunity to hear from Troy Bishop, MD, an internal medicine specialist from Summa Health System. In the webinar, Dr. Bishop showed the power of physician leadership to drive experience improvement.

A commitment to patient experience is not new to Summa Health System.  Starting in 2010, Summa has built a solid foundation of best practices, including post-discharge care calls, nurse leadership rounds, improved communication etc.   The hospital system achieved improvement across all HCAHPS domains except one. Physician scores were not improving because the system’s multi-specialty physician group, Summa Physicians, Inc. (SPI), had not been strongly engaged in playing a leadership role in driving change throughout the organization.

“How do you motivate these physicians to instigate change?” That is the key question Dr. Bishop asked when tackling this problem. Summa’s success provides some key lessons:

  1. Identify a well-respected…

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