Emotional Connection Important for Healthcare

Jamie Dunham emphasizes in her blog “Marketing to Women: Emotional Connection Important for Healthcare” the role of emotions when consumers make decisions. rbb Public Relations revealed in a recent report that of all industries highlighted in their study, healthcare topped the list in which an emotional connection is most important to consumers.

Dunham refers to the importance of  “personal and proactive communication” but it is unclear in the study as to the role it plays in the emotional connection consumers feel to certain brands and companies. This would be a very interesting area of study, especially as we learn more and more about the role of emotions in optimizing healing healthcare.

The Lipstick Economy

For many business people, it is about facts and ROI.  We live in a rational world, but consumers make decisions based, in part, on emotional connection.

A new study shows that 85% of consumers say it is important or very important to them to do business with a company for which they have strong emotions, per survey results released in November 2012 by rbb Public Relations.  And the industry for which it is most important is healthcare.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of those responding feel that an emotional connection is very important with healthcare providers, more important than other industries.

Value is connected to that emotion – of the 2,000 adults surveyed, 83 percent are willing to spend more on a product or service if they feel a personal connection to the company. One fifth of respondents said they would pay 50 percent or more if they felt the…

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