Optimizing the Patient and Family Experience by Mapping the Gaps in Efficiency Plus Empathy

Experience Innovation Network

2014 Duffy Headshot_FINAL 2 (3) M. Bridget Duffy, M.D. Chief Medical Officer Vocera Communications

In an era that challenges organizations to do more with fewer resources, patient experience is often an add-on for health systems. However, we can no longer solely focus on stripping out seven types of waste to reduce cost as a growing body of evidence points to the human experience as a key driver for better performance. It will be a strategic focus on efficiency plus empathy that will drive improvements in financial performance, market differentiation, patient engagement and loyalty, and clinical outcomes.

Healthcare is transformed when emotional needs of patients and families are identified and addressed, as confirmed by industry thought leaders who gathered at the recent CXO Roundtable to elevate the meaning of patient engagement. When we map the gaps in the human experience of care, patients and loved ones use consistent themes to describe why they had an exceptional…

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