Plan of Care Whiteboards Post 3: Designing for Flexibility at Maple Grove Hospital

Experience Innovation Network

At Maple Grove Hospital, how the hospital environment affects healing is a key consideration in design decisions.  Rooms are comfortable, spacious, and full of light.  Hallways are carpeted to keep noise down.  And every room is equipped with a plan of care whiteboard to help ensure that the patient, family, and care team share the information vital to creating a shared purpose and connection.maple grove

When Maple Grove first opened, standard, templatized whiteboards were installed in each room.  But leadership soon realized that these boards would not allow the design to grow and flex with needs of different patient groups and care teams.  So they replaced them with recessed, glass-fronted boards that allow easy removal and replacement of paper templates that slide in behind the glass.

maple grove2The new design gives Maple Grove the ability to respond to patient and care team feedback regarding the value of key elements, or the need…

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