Kathy Cuff & Vicki Halsey: Customer Service – 3 ways to make someone’s holiday a little brighter!

The small/little things do really make a difference! In this blog, Kathy Cuff is one of the principal authors – together with Vicki Halsey – of The Ken Blanchard Companies Legendary Service training program share three simple (small/little) ways to make someone’s holiday a little brighter. In the end, and as I recently wrote in a blog published by Hospital Impact, the decision to SERVE others begins with the desire to see/look, hear, feel, etc. through the eyes, ears, heart, mind, etc. of others, the empathy that connects us to what we see, hear, and feel, and the choice to put the heart’s empathy into action. As I recently tweeted, “Compassion is our heart’s empathy in action” and is a core competency necessary for optimizing healing healthcare.

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Brother's help about shoelaceAs we enter into the holiday season, I always remind myself to try and be on my best behavior and keep my patience while out doing my holiday shopping.  So when I read the story about the New York City police officer who used his own money to buy a homeless man a pair of shoes and socks, it reminded me that in the busiest of times, we ALL need to take a moment and look around us and see where WE can provide a random act of kindness.

Customer service is just that—SERVING others to make their day a little brighter, a little better.  Create a memory, a story, a moment that someone might tell someone else about.

Now, I am not suggesting that we all go out and try to do something for someone else just to get on YouTube—that certainly was never the intent of that…

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