The Trust Ambassador’s Interview with Lauren Dixon

Robert Whipple, filling in for Jordan Kimmel on the radio segment “Trust Across America: Building Great Business by Rebuilding Trust,” interviewed Lauren Dixon, the CEO of Dixon Schwabl. Dixon Schwabl has ranked in the top 25 of the Best Places to Work in America for 8 consecutive years and ranked #1 in 2008 and 2010. Just 2 miles from my home, Dixon Schwabl is one of the prides of Rochester, NY and a beacon of an example for employee engagement. A special thank you to Robert Whipple for making this segment available through his blog “The Trust Ambassador.”

laurenDixon Cropped 2008I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Dixon on national radio this week. It was on The Voice America Radio Network in a program called “Trust Across America.”

If you are interested in a benchmark for a group that has the right idea about trust and is reaping huge benefits, then you should carve out the time to listen to this interview. It will inspire you! Here is the link…


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