Social Media is Optimizing Healing Healthcare

In her blog “Unleashing the Power of Social Media for Patient Experience,” Liz Boehm shares some inspiring and encouraging examples of how social media is helping patients heal. Whether it’s connecting young adult and adolescent cancer patients at a medical center in the Netherlands, offering a platform in which patients can connect with friends and family members, or creating a way for powerful stories to be shared from patient-to-patient or patient-hospital caregiver, social media is opening doors for the patient experience. When patients feel connected to their family and friends, when caregivers are re-inspired through storytelling about their personal purpose and mission for the healing art of healthcare, and when patients are able to find and express their voice and lived experience, we are seeing social media at its best and how it contributes to optimizing healing healthcare!

Engaging The Patient

Featured Guest Blogger:  Liz Boehm

As someone who grew up on two continents, with friends scattered all over the world, I’m on Facebook daily.  And, yes, I use it occasionally to help me find a new doctor or ask a random medical question.  When I have a good or bad experience – especially in healthcare – I’m likely to rant or rave on Twitter (@LizBoehm for those who care to indulge).  Why should you care?  Because there are millions more like me, and many who are far more engaged than I.  And many of them are patients.

Social media encompasses a rather broad array of resources.  Tools like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter may be the most famous (infamous?), but blogs, wikis, podcasts, even product reviews all hold a place in the social media pantheon.

You can think of social media as both an amplifier and a filter.  Social media tools…

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