Tuscon Medical Center’s graphic depiction of their four key values is compelling, visually-stimulating, and engaging! Although their values are not novel, their presentation as a color graphic is! Great job TMC!

Tucson Medical Center

Joe Tye, CEO of Values Coach, Inc., works with hospitals and other organizations around the country to guide them through the process of defining their values.   With his help, groups of employees defined four key values for Tucson Medical Center: Compassion, Dedication, Community and Integrity.

Lately, Tye has started profiling some of his client organizations, featuring success stories.  His work at TMC is the subject of his Sept. 5 column:

Client Spotlight: Making Values Beautiful at Tucson Medical Center

Several years ago I helped Judy Rich, President and CEO of Tucson Medical Center, and her team revise the TMC statement of values. At the time, while there was clearly a deeply-held intuitive sense of values in the organization, almost no one could say what the stated core values were, much less define the expectations they created.

Through a process that engaged hundreds of employees and other stakeholders in the…

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