Just this afternoon, my mom and I were at a hospital for an appointment. She needed to stop and catch her breath for a moment, holding on to a railing while she did so. A maintenance man coming towards us immediately asked, “Would you like a wheelchair?”

Like this blog, customer service can’t be about THEM until it’s about YOU. In other words, this maintenance man made a decision and choice that “he is the patient experience” as much as anyone — a nurse, physician, pharmacist, social worker, etc. His attentiveness, awareness, compassion, and proactive anticipation of my mom’s potential needs were very impressive! He was certainly not confined to his “job description” box but was living and working as a “healer” — responding to body, mind, spirit and emotions! He left us feeling cared for and about — that anyone in the hospital will care for us in our time of need! That is very reassuring and is a hallmark of an optimal healing environment for sure!

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There’s a common misconception that customer service is all about the customer. Surprise—it’s not necessarily so. Service is definitely for the customer—internal or external—but it’s about you, the service provider.

“What?” you may be asking. “No, it’s about my client.” True … kinda. But it can’t be about them until it’s about you.

The service experience begins and ends with you. That experience is primarily within your control. You get to decide the kind of experience you want it to be. It’s your vision, values, and behavior that drive the service experience.

A case in point

Many years ago, on February 14, I was flying from Chicago back home to San Francisco. I remember the day not only because it was Valentine’s Day, but because I had a reason to be excited that it was Valentine’s Day. (HA!—a rare occasion at that time in my life.)

I arrived at…

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